Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Blog

As the title suggests, this blog is intended as a tool. For me. Since I work at home and end up spending so much time procrastinating on issues vaguely, but not always, related to my work area, I decided that I might as well try and put that time to good use, and even eventually, maybe, get some feedback and make it work for me.

As the title also hopefully suggests, the main focus is intended to be development economics - if I want my mind-wanderings to help me I should really focus them on my area of work, shouldn't I? Since I'm a development economist, working as a consultant, that implies that most of my posts should in some way relate to development economics in some form or another and more especially on industrial economics and private sector development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We shall see....

There are obviously quite a number of esteemed bloggers in the field, some more prolific (Chris Blattman springs to mind!) than others. Without wanting to set my sights too high at this early stage, it seems there's fairly little on the more narrow subject area of private sector development. In any case, I've been procrastinating a lot recently so I might as well start writing.....

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